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Brink Light™️-LED Motion Sensor Light

Keep It Bright With Brink Light™️- The Light That Brightens Up Any Home

Looking for a hassle-free way to brighten your room? Not to worry... After years of research and product development, we introduce to you the Brink Light™️- The smart light that goes with you in any room and instantly brightens up the place.

Made with a built-in motion sensor and light detection that cuts on whenever someone's in the room. Allowing you to cut the lights on hands-free and saves you time and energy form cutting them off when you leave the room.

Comes with a magnetic mount on the back that makes it a piece of cake to install.Which means you don't have to worry about damaging your walls, Just simply rip the peel off the back, place it onto the designated area and you're good to go.

Soft & Bright LED that makes it perfect to use whenever you're reading, need a night light or even just as a handy light when you're out on the deck at night.

What's really amazing about this product that our repeat customers love so much about this is how easy it is to install. Simple, convenient and best of all..brightens up your home and brings life to any setting.

Why Brink Light™️ are for you:

Place Anywhere- You can place it literally anywhere. In your bathroom, in your kitchen, bedroom, basement you name it. Sticks on to any surface without damaging your walls.

Motion Sensor- Detects when anyone's in the room and cuts off when no one's in the room. Cuts off without you being there and Saving you money on electricity when you're not using it.

Easy & Convenient- Gives you easy access to light whenever you need it. Whether that's for a handy night light, light for when you're studying or even as a light for your patio.

Battery Operated- No special wiring or installation necessary. Just grab 2-3 AAA batteries and you're all set. Making it super easy to set-up in minutes