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Bubsow - Automatic Bathroom Toilet Cleaner

An all-round toilet cleanses in one tool

Bubsow is an all in one solution to the nasty smells and germs your toilet holds. After trying it, you won’t need brushes, liquids, or gels to keep your toilet clean.

LONG-LASTING- Each Bear can be used for up to 90 days or approximately 1000 flushes, continuous use, reducing the number of hand brush(Usage time varies depending on reasons such as number of uses and water consumption, Please understand)

Put one bear in the cistern and every time you flush the toilet will be cleansed from the inside out. With no effort from your side, every hidden germ will be swiftly eliminated!

We’ve made Bubsow so you never have to use a toilet brush, it’s formula keeps it shining simply by flushing. The ultimate cleaning solution is ready to make your toiler fresher than ever!

Why Bubsow is for you

Inside out cleansing- When placed in the cistern, Bubsow cleans the water before it reaches the outer side to make sure no germ can hide from it.

Refresh with every flush- Instead of brushing constantly, you need only to flush to keep the toilet shining. Bubsow dissolves slowly to serve you for months!

No germ survives- Bubsow eliminates all germs where other options can’t even reach them. Deep cleaning requires only a flush!

Bubsow is the ultimate choice- Our super solution will keep your toilet sparkly clean and refreshed. Forget the toxic cleaners, choose Bubsow and you’ll never have to scrub again!


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