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Buster Duster- 3-In-1 Robot Vacuum

Clean Your Floors With Ease Using Buster Duster

Sometimes cleaning your floors can be a bit of a hassle specially in those hard to reach areas you can't see. Not to worry... With Buster Duster, we solve that problem right away- Easy, convenient and spotless cleaning

Sweeps and vacuums all-in-one. Simply place it on the floor and at the push of a button, it's ready to clean the floors spotless in minutes.

Made with smart technology for obstacle detection and fine cleaning bristles. Cleaning deeper, effective and smarter and changes directions on its own.

USB chargeable so you never have to worry about replacing any batteries. Simply hook it up for a little bit and it's back to cleaning for the rest of day.

If you like convenient, easy to use and your floors spotless then this is the product for you. Super to easy to operate, doesn't break the bank and best of all... It does all the hard work so you don't have to.

Why Buster Duster is for you:

Easy To Operate- So easy that almost even a five-year-old can operate this. Super simple button operation so you can clean your floors without even lifting up a finger.

Convenient- Cleans in all those hard to reach areas under the couch, table, under the bed you name it. Making it easier for you to clean without your back suffering.

Cleans Any Surface- And we mean any surface. Whether that's carpet floors, wooden, granite, marble it doesn't matter. It gets the job done on any surface at any time.

Rechargeable- USB Chargeable so you never have to worry about replacing any batteries. Simply hook it up for about an hour or so and it's ready to clean top to bottom in no time.