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Chimwow- Color-Changing Wind Chimes

These wind chimes bring beauty to any home

Is your yard lacking something exquisite? If so Chimwow is the decoration that will transform the ambiance of your yard by adding vivid imagery to the scene.

Powered by green energy, they can shine brightly during the whole night. You don’t need to do anything, Chimwow switches on and off and changes colors automatically.

Observe the lovely view Chimwow bring with them. Hand them anywhere you wish and enhance your gloomy yard with warm colory effects.

Why Chimwow is for you:

Create a mesmerizing scenery- Each hummingbird glows in an array of colors during the night. The LED light show is like no other.

Sustained by the sun- Chimwow runs on green energy and doesn’t need maintenance. When the time comes they light up automatically.

Unique in every way- You won’t find chimes in such beautiful shapes. Every night you’ll see how the colors warmly change.

Chimwow is the ultimate choice- Your boring yard needs a single decoration to completely change. Chimwow transforms the night ambiance completely.