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ClipPal-Pet Grooming Kit

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Benefits you'll love:

 Comfortable for pets- Clipal’s design ensures your pet will not experience pain or stress. Allowing you to groom them safe & sound without being in pain.

 ClipPal is an affordable alternative to the overpriced pet salons.

 ClipPal’s low vibration and ultra-quiet motor will make sure your pet pal will not be under stress when it’s being trimmed.

 ANTIALLERGIC- Ceramic titanium alloy blade help to avoid skin allergies.

 Anyone can use ClipPal to help their pet get rid of its long fur.

 Precise trimming- The adjustable titanium blade cuts hairs with precision. Cutting smooth & accurate every single time.

 The mobile titanium blade cuts at adjustable lengths to make sure you always trim with precision. Sharp but safe you can rely on Clipal to groom your pet without hurting it.


How Does It Work?

 Lightweight and wireless design for easy use.

 The Dog Clippers Personal Blade is Sharp. Which guarantees that the hair of your Pet will not be stuck in that the blade is durable. It is the screw-less mounting efficiency as 3 times more than ordinary Blade.

 New easy to use, we provide 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 mm Level Comb. You can now trim your pet even if you have never done it safely before without fearing your pet. Cutting with comb level hair, your pet will trim perfectly even.

 Motor precision, low vibration, and ultra-quiet design, the latest working noise with only 50 DB, to help the pet remain calm.


What's in the box?

 1pcs of PET Grooming Clippers (with inner battery),

1pcs cleaning powder brush,

1pcs charger,

4 comb settings (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)

1 pcs pet comb and 1pcs scissors. 


  • Color:Gold
  • Body Size:About 17.3 x 4.6 x 4.5cm
  • Cutter Material:Titanium Ceramic
  • WorkingTime: 60 Minutes
  • AdapterStandard: US Plug
  • Fit For:All Pets

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