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Dismos- Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Achieve the perfect hand hygiene

Having clean hands is crucial if you want a house free from diseases and germs. With our fully automatic soap dispenser, you’ll never cross-contaminate ever again.

Dismos is the most efficient dispenser you can find, fill it once and it will serve you for weeks. When nothing gets touched no germs will be able to spread.


Decorate your home with a beautiful esthetic while saving yourself from germ spread. Dismos makes hand hygiene safer and easier than ever before.

Why Dismos is for you

No cross-contamination- Nothing needs to be touched when using Dismos. You’ll greatly reduce the chance of spreading germs around.

A safer option- Dismos is fully automatic, it’s the most efficient way of keeping the house clean of any unwanted microbes. You’ll never have to share soap with strangers.

waterproof design - The kitchen soap dispenser with IP67 deep waterproof design of the whole machine cleaning easily and resistant to infrared radiation.

Simple maintenance- Fill it to the top and Dismos will serve you for weeks. A simple refill and battery change are all it’s going to need.

Dismos is the ultimate choice- Germs have nowhere to hide when you are using a touchless solution. Dismos ensures every nasty microbe is eradicated.