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EcoSpense- Automatic Toilet Paper Dispenser

The Smart Way To Dispense Toilet Paper

Finally, An easy & convenient way to dispense toilet paper. Introducing EcoSpense-Smarter, simpler, and better.

Convenient- Allowing you to use for all sorts of occasions. From not only holding toilet paper but many other toiletries such as toothpaste, mouthwash, washcloths the list goes on.

Durable- Super strong frame with a wall mount that never loses its strength. Guaranteed to last you a lifetime without replacing it.

Super easy to use and installs in five minutes or less. Simply peel off the back place it onto the wall and just like that you're all set.

Waterproof & Easy To Install- Without having to screw in a single nail and damage your walls. Simply Stick it on to the wall and just like that you're all set.

Made with a modern style look that complements any home well and made with a visible window to show you when you need a refill

If you're looking for the perfect to dispenser to give you the biggest bang for your buck then this is the product for you. Convenience unmatched in a more smart and eco-friendly way.