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Inducto - Educational Drawing Toy

This Funny Piglet Will Follow Any Line That You Draw!

Drawing has never been so much fun! Introducing Inducto, it's an educational drawing tool that will keep your kids off electronics, and nurture their inner Picasso!

Inducto will keep your child entertained for hours with this hilarious and educational toy that uses induction technology to locate and follow along with any drawing that you make.. the future is here!

Just imagine all of the amazing drawings your child can complete by adding a tool that actually makes learning a fun and enjoyable experience.. they won’t want to go back to their electronics!

What makes Inducto so good:

 Nurture Your Child’s Creativity  - this amazing tool gives you the ability to shape and sculpt your vision into reality by making drawing fun and rewarding activity for years to come!

Get Your Kids Off of Electronics - in a world that is ever more centered around electronic devices it's important to nurture kids skills in an activity that is healthy and will serve them well in their future!

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - this educational drawing toy makes an amazing gift during the holiday season! Be the person responsible for giving the next Picasso their first drawing pad!