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Kclaw- K21 Mobile Game Controller

Kclaw- Taking Your Mobile Gaming Experience To A Whole New Level

Kclaw transforms your gaming experience to a whole new level. Now it’s easier than ever to maneuver easily and shoot precisely at the enemy.

Forget about sweaty hands or sore thumbs, the ergonomic handle helps you play for hours on end. The controller fits perfectly on any hand or phone.

Super easy to use and high precision to help you increase your gaming score. Making it the ultimate cheat code for when you're playing and upping your game almost instantly.

It comes with amazing 3-in-1 features that are easy to configure and allows you to shoot, fire, and aim at the same time.

Kclaw makes you better than ever, with little skills you can rack up body counts and win every match with ease.

Why Kclaw is for you:

A game-changing experience- The responsive controls help you move freely and fire with accuracy. You’ll feel like you are in a PC game.

An unfair advantage- No one will outshoot or outmaneuver you. Racking up kills and winning matches like never before.

No tired fingers, no controller detection- No game will detect you are using a controller. Play for hours without tiring your fingers.