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LP Mac- Laptop Stand

The perfect Stand Built For Any laptop

Finally, A convenient more simple way to use your laptop without sacrificing your back. Introducing LP Mac. Innovating the tech industry and changing the way you work on your laptop.

You won’t even notice LP Mac when using it. The raisers are super small and thin. They fit any laptop and hold firmly at up to 22.05 lbs.

You can stick them at the bottom, they won’t block the air outlets and dissipates the heat so your laptop doesn't overheat

 LP Mac is widely applicable to various electronics such as laptops, iPads, and even smartphones. Making it versatile and perfect for more than just one piece of technology.

It’s far easier to sit in a healthy position when using Lapmay. Avoiding neck and solder fatigue at work is now possible.

Why LP Mac is for you:

You won’t even notice it- it is so small, light and thin you won’t even see it. You’ll forget that it is even there. Making it easy to carry with you and not have to carry around an entire setup.

Steady and unbreakable- LP Mac holds up to 22.05 lbs. Just stick the raisers at the bottom and they will stand firm. Strong non-slip hold and guaranteed to not collapse on you.

Corrects bad posture- Raise the screen to avoid an uncomfortable sitting position. LP Mac helps with fatigue around the neck and shoulders and keeps your spine in its neutral position.