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Walmist- Telescopic Weed Remover

Walmist removes the pesky weeds once and for all

Weeds are no match for Walmist. This telescopic weed remover can root out pesky plants even in the hardest to reach places.

With its telescopic handle, you won’t have to bend over ever again. With just one sweep the pointed steel head removes everything between the gaps.

Tidy up around the house without spending all day in manual labor. Clear out the weeds and mosses from the pavement once and for all with Walmist.

What makes Walmist so good

Take back your home- Clean out the weed infestations to make your home look clean again. Walmist keeps the exterior tidy and fresh.

Root out the weeds- The pointed drill head completely roots out the unnecessary weeds. In one run Walmist clears everything between the pavement.

Save your back the trouble- Use the long handle to remove the weeds without bending over. Your back will thank you.

Why Walmist is for you- Weeding becomes the easiest work around the house. Walmist will save your home from any unwanted plants.